Mario On Stage Edgeguard Options

This infograph shows how low each of Mario's attacks can reach whilst remaining on stage. This is useful for edgeguarding many characters, as you do not always have enough time to go offstage.

The colour key shows the corresponding colour for each hitbox ordered from lowest to highest. Aerials are performed as close as possible to the ground, and bair is performed facing away from the stage.

You can also see fox's hurtbox from both of his recoveries. This shows his most vulnerable position from his perfect sweetspots. It is important to note that these are the extremes for both characters, for example it is more likely a fair would hit a side-b when playing in real life.

To see the full album which contains a seperate infograph of all his aerials, and another with all his grounded attacks, click the button below.

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Doc/Mario Grab Comparison

This infograph shows the difference in range between their 2 grabs. Dash grab has a much larger range. But JC grab makes up for this with less end lag.

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Doc/Mario Tornado Heights

This infograph shows the various heights Doc/Mario can gain from their tornado by mashing the b button during the animation.

Each #p represents a tornado with that amount of B presses within the animation (mashing window is between frame 1-38, and the whole animation lasts 79 frames). Doc is shown on the first frame of his doublejump which is performed the first frame possible after tornado. This allows us to see the true height gained from the starting position.

This graph also shows how far they can travel horizontally with tornado, notice how there is no difference between various #p.

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Doc/Mario Upair Hitboxes

This infograph shows each frame of the marios' upair, and the hitbox to go with it. This gives the player a better understanding of it's full range.

Note that all hitboxes have the same trajectory.

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Doc/Mario Up-b EdgeCancel on Yoshis Spacial Windows

This infograph shows the spacial windows the marios' have to edgecancel their up-bs on the top platform of yoshis. The center of their bodies must be within the windows.

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