Sheik Boost Grab Comparison

This gfycat shows the varying distances Sheik can slide when grabbing. All the Sheiks start moving, and have their first grab hitbox on the same frame.

A Boost Grab is performed by Dash attacking for a few frames (up to 3), then grabbing, and is called a "Boost" grab as some characters have fast velocities on the initial dash attack frames.

Although any character can Boost Grab, only Sheik gets a substantial boost. This is because her velocity at the start of dash attack is almost 3 times as fast as her dash.

The more time she is in dash attack, the more slow dash frames she is replacing for super fast dash attack frames, so it is recommended to practice 3 Frame DA boostgrabs. A good way to do this is by using a spacie, as when they perform a 3 frame DA boostgrab, their dash attack dust appears and makes a hit sound, This won't happen with a 2 frame or 1 frame DA boostgrab.

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